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French Press vs Drip Coffee – Which Is Better for a Restaurant?

Two of the most popular methods used to brew coffee are the French press and the automatic drip machine.

Each is relatively affordable, but there are many more differences than similarities between the two. While the automatic drip coffee maker is easy to use, quick, and efficient, it’s not geared toward making flavorful and rich coffee. The French press, which looks appealing, is a bit too fussy for some although it makes brewing delicious coffee within minutes possible.

Those trying to choose between these two brewing methods at home don’t have the same considerations of a restaurant.

Here’s a look at which method makes the most sense for a business.

Suitability & Practicality

Technically, both French presses and drip coffee makers have been used in cafes and restaurants. The history of the French Press placed it in a number of high profile establishments when it was first invented, and it’s still common to see French press coffee being made in smaller eateries and cafes in Europe and the U.S.

However, for efficiency the best option between the two is drip coffee. It allows restaurants to brew large amounts much faster and keep the coffee at the optimal drinking temperature for longer. What’s more, you’d need to buy several French presses to keep up with the demands of a typical diner or restaurant whereas one or two drip machines would be able to turn out the same amount of brew.

Improving Flavor

Though it’s certainly speedier, the problem with drip machines remains: the coffee that the method produces isn’t as flavorful as that produced by a French press. To lessen this problem restaurants can grind fresh whole beans before the day gets started, use better quality pre-ground coffee, or invest in higher end machines that are designed to do a better job of extracting flavor than the typical drip coffee maker.

The 3 Healthy Benefits You Can Get In Eating Desserts

There are a lot of people who have a sweet tooth and we can’t deny the fact that there are millions of individuals who loves desserts and can’t live without it. Sweets are not bad. What a lot of us may not know is that there are a lot of health benefits a dessert can give us. Check out why eating sweets are good for us.

1. It can put you in a good mood

All of us have experienced a bad day and there is nothing that can make us feel better than eating our favorite desserts. It gives us a happy feeling that there is still something better that we can hope for. It works like a happy pill for people who are feeling down and depressed. It can give us a better outlook on life that makes us enjoy our day.

2. It can prevent stroke attacks

Well, I must say that not all desserts fall under this category. It is specifically for dark chocolates lover out there. If you will intake dark chocolates regularly, you are more likely not to suffer from any stroke attacks that can be fatal or there are instances that it can immobilize you. Eating a regular dose of dark chocolates is better than being stuck in your bed suffering from stroke.

3. Let the sweets lower your blood pressure

It is also applicable for dark chocolates and not the ones that are way too sweet. If you feel like your blood pressure is high, you can opt to eat a bar of dark chocolate or find some desserts that contain dark chocolates.

There are a lot of things that we can benefit from the sweet desserts so we should not generalize that the desserts we can see are just bad for us.

The Top 4 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For Our Health

Coffee is people’s favorite wherever you are in the world. It is a staple drink for everybody. It is good for us, so there is nothing wrong if we love to drink it. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits that we can get from coffee. Here are the reasons why coffee is good for our health.

1. Source of antioxidants

We have all heard about the green tea containing antioxidants but what most of don’t know is that coffee contains more antioxidants that can be beneficial to our body. It is a great help for us if we want to stay away from numerous chronic ailments that we can get due to continuous stress and a lot of free radicals in our system.

2. It boosts the short-term memory

The effects can vary from one person to another most especially the duration of time that the caffeine will be useful. However, it has been proven that it can boost the short-term memory of the people after drinking a cup of coffee. It is best if there is an upcoming exam and you are doing a cram review.

3. Coffee is good for your liver

If you are drinking a few cups of coffee a day, it can lessen the risk of having a liver cancer. With all the things we intake every day, we need all the help we can get to take good care of our liver. Coffee is one inexpensive way to do that. It is as simple as ABC because it doesn’t cost much.

4. It can stop depression

If you are someone who has a tendency to be depressed immediately, you better start drinking coffee regularly. The caffeine content of the coffee we drink can do a lot of wonders with our mood and attitude towards life.

If you are not yet a fan of coffee, better start thinking about it now because there are a lot of benefits you can get from it.

Image source: CoffeeForLess.com

The 3 Most Expensive Food Ingredients In The World

Food is a need for everyone to survive but some ingredients are being used which are more expensive than the food we eat on a daily basis. Let’s check out the most expensive ingredients in the world of food.

1. Saffron

If you’re looking for something more expensive than the price of gold, Saffron is what you are looking for. It is from a crocus plant that will test out your patience if you try to grow it yourself. You can plant it, but then you cannot use any machinery to harvest the Saffron because you need to pick it up yourself. The best type of Saffron used is the Spanish coupe grade which will cost you around $20 for every 2 grams.

2. Hawaiian Kona Nigari Water

Yes, you read that right. We are talking about water, but it is not as simple as what you think. This water is so unique because you can’t just get it anywhere. You would need to go at least 2000 ft below the ground in Hawaii to be able to get this kind of water. It has been found beneficial to people’s health since it is free from any pollution. What’s it worth? It’s just $402 for a 705ml bottle.

3. Alba White Italian Truffles

We all know truffles are expensive, but there is an exemption because this white truffle is extremely pricey. It is because you will not be able to get it for the whole year. There are only particular months on when you will be able to get this kind in truffle in Italy. If you want to know how much, it’s worth? Well, it’s just more or less $2000, and that is per pound.

The cost of these ingredients is extreme but the taste it can give you is something worth it for the price.