French Press vs Drip Coffee – Which Is Better for a Restaurant?

Two of the most popular methods used to brew coffee are the French press and the automatic drip machine.

Each is relatively affordable, but there are many more differences than similarities between the two. While the automatic drip coffee maker is easy to use, quick, and efficient, it’s not geared toward making flavorful and rich coffee. The French press, which looks appealing, is a bit too fussy for some although it makes brewing delicious coffee within minutes possible.

Those trying to choose between these two brewing methods at home don’t have the same considerations of a restaurant.

Here’s a look at which method makes the most sense for a business.

Suitability & Practicality

Technically, both French presses and drip coffee makers have been used in cafes and restaurants. The history of the French Press placed it in a number of high profile establishments when it was first invented, and it’s still common to see French press coffee being made in smaller eateries and cafes in Europe and the U.S.

However, for efficiency the best option between the two is drip coffee. It allows restaurants to brew large amounts much faster and keep the coffee at the optimal drinking temperature for longer. What’s more, you’d need to buy several French presses to keep up with the demands of a typical diner or restaurant whereas one or two drip machines would be able to turn out the same amount of brew.

Improving Flavor

Though it’s certainly speedier, the problem with drip machines remains: the coffee that the method produces isn’t as flavorful as that produced by a French press. To lessen this problem restaurants can grind fresh whole beans before the day gets started, use better quality pre-ground coffee, or invest in higher end machines that are designed to do a better job of extracting flavor than the typical drip coffee maker.

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